About Me

Hey there, I'm Christine

I take photographs of things that interest me, move me or simply things that I want to remember. This can range from photos that I've taken while walking down the street on my phone, from my travels abroad or set  issues that I want to further investigate. Over the years I've learned that photography can be about moments of happiness, sadness, or even contention. I feel that the best photography is collaborative and would love to work on any projects that support this idea. 

I was formally trained in Photography. I graduated with a dual degree in Documentary Photography and Sociology and a double minor in Women's Studies and Fine Arts from SUNY (State University of New York at Purchase). Currently I'm a MA student at NYU studying Media, Culture and Communication. In other words: I read a lot and think about unseen forces that most would bypass. 

I write: ( work in progress, will share soon) 

When I'm not working I enjoy painting( release), cooking: (experimentation at its best) ,nature:the woods, the fields, the mountains and the sunlight), live music shows (new tunes to get groovy to) and going on random road trips/traveling to distant lands(recommendations are the best).  I like to call New York home and I'm available for upcoming projects. 

My work has appeared in the NY Times and various other publications.  Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Image: 1 & 4, by: Chao Sun 

Image: 5, by: Romina Smith